BARK COMPETITION was started in 1981 by George Bark Sr. & his brother Joesph Bark, making it one of the OLDEST Operating Kart Shops & Kart Chassis Manufacturers in the USA. Back then the company was called Bark Brothers Racing Enterprises. The two brothers started out racing Microstocks at the re-owned Pine Brook Speedway in Pine Brook, NJ. They built & supplied parts for Microstock Racers in the North-East for over 15 years together. Throughout them years they built 50+ new Microstocks & rebuilt/updated over 75 other cars that were manufactured by other builders making them the LARGEST Microstock Chassis Builder in the USA. In 1996, George Sr's brother Joe retired and moved to Florida, leaving George Sr. sole owner of Bark Brothers Racing Enterprises. From there on he operated the business with his son George Jr. In 2006 George Jr. took Bark Brothers Racing Enterprises over and renamed the company BARK COMPETITION KARTING. By 2008 George Jr. had the company known NATIONWIDE, making BARK COMPETITION KARTING one of the FIRST Online Karting Superstores on the World Wide Web. In 2012 BARK COMPETITION KARTING opened a second branch of the company called, TOP DOG PERFORMANCE specializing in Tire Technology & Clutch Manufacturing. In 2014 George Jr. renamed the business, well--shortened the name to BARK COMPETITION mainly because the company broke into other areas of oval racing throughout the USA.  In 2015 George Jr. added a third branch to BARK COMPETITION called, TOP DOG PERFORMANCE WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTING. This branch will be released publicly by September 2015. Thats all for now, more history to follow soon---